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Laser Hair Removal

At Skins Laser Clinic we always start laser hair removal treatment with a personal intake interview. In this we explain what you can expect, how hair removal with the Soprano Ice Laser works and what the conditions are for a treatment. In order to make a relaxed start of a treatment we recommend you to attend a quarter earlier. You can take a cup of coffee or cappuccino and relax. If the previous customer finishes earlier, it is possible to start the treatment at once.

Before the treatment:

– 10 days prior to treatment not in the sun or under the solarium. This also applies to self-tanning products or spray tanning.
– You should shave the area to be treated 24 hours in advance.
– Do not epilate, wax or use Epilady or hair removal cream at least 6 weeks prior to treatment. The hair follicles can be damaged, which means that the treatment can not be performed effectively.
– You should free the area to be treated from makeup, perfumes, deodorant, sunblock, essential oils or other skin lotions. Colored substances absorb the light. If this is not achievable for you, the specialist may remove this for you.

After the treatment:

Is the treated area cleaned and we recommend giving the skin 24 hours of total rest.

After 24 hours you can use creams, lotions, oils, deodorant and makeup.

You may shave (or cut) the treated area yourself when you consider it necessary. Resin, wax or epilate the treated area is out of the question, since we need some of the hair as a guidance to the laser.

It is wise to stay out of the sun for a minimum of 10 days and not to use the solarium. In case of unavoidable exposure to sun rays use a sunscreen cream with a protection factor above 30 (sunblock). Further you can do what you normally do.