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Our treatments are suitable for all skin types, all hair types and all year round!
Painless hair removal is now also possible for blonde & gray hair and dark skin.

On average, between 6 to 10 treatments are required. There is no standard number of treatments: every person, every skin and every hair growth is different and we believe in a personal approach.
Because hair grows in different phases, they can not be removed at once. Therefore there is some time between the treatments.

The duration of treatment:

Face 4 to 6 weeks
Armpits and bikini 6 to 8 weeks
Body 8 to 10 weeks

We handle sharp package prices, and up to € 500 you can pay in two terms, which makes Skins Laser Clinic permanently hair removal accessible to all!

Under package we mean a special price for multiple treatments.
For example, a single treatment costs € 40, and on average there are 8 treatments needed, so 40 x 8 =  € 320.
In one package you pay only € 200, giving you a benefit of € 120 (€ 320 – € 200).

Here you can find our Prices for women
Here you can find our Prices for men

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